Specialist in Industrial Induction Heating

Welcome to the future of Industrial Induction Heating

RiTeR Induction creates applications and delivers innovative induction systems throughout the world. Our goal is to safely and economically heating, installing and dismantling heating metal components for a wide range of industries.

No matter what your specific needs are, our innovative designs are custom built to create a faster, safer and cleaner working environment.

The RiTeR Heating-tool is the ultimate tool for precision heating.

Pioneers in Innovation

As the pioneer of induction and water cooled technologies using air-cooled generators, RiTeR Induction continues to lead in the installation and dismantling technologies with manufacturers of gearboxes, bearing technology applications, and heavy manufacturing industry.

Safe and Ergonomic

The innovative induction systems conceived by RiTeR Induction are distinguished by the many advantages they offer when compared with existing heating methods including, oil, gas, ovens, hot air…

The induction systems are multifunctional, ergonomic, robustly constructed, guaranteed to have a long life, as well as being time and energy saving!

Our systems are used for:

Installing – Dismantling – Preheating for welding, coating and vulcanising – Welding processes – Hardening components – Annealing – Fusing

We achieve this using three innovative induction technologies:

  • Low frequency 50Hz induction
  • Mid-frequency induction
  • Mid/High frequency induction

What we do…

RiTeR Induction creates applications and delivers innovative induction systems for heating metal components for the goal of installing and dismantling items or preheating work pieces.

RiTer Induction operates and designs solutions for industries world-wide using these technologies.

Power Calculator

Calculation examples for induction heating of steel / iron with temperatures up to 300 °C.

One-off installation

For one-off installation or building prototypes, RiTeR Induction will build an optimal and well-balanced induction system for you, after which you will be able to carry out the desired activities in cooperation with one of our experts.

Induction machine / System rental

RiTeR induction offers induction system rental service for both short and long periods. The systems are supplied complete with training so that you can proceed to work independently with the machine thereafter. Please contact our service department for further information.

Service and Maintenance

In order to ensure full functionality of our systems at all times, we can offer you an maintenance and service contract after the 24 month guarantee period has expired.
We will send the conditions on request.


Our team is ready to support your next project, so contact RiTeR Induction today!