The alternative to gas heating:

faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly

About us

We design and supply high quality innovative induction heating systems. Rapid, controlled precision heating. Flame-free.


We provide customer-oriented services for disassembly, assembly and preheating. Machine rental is also possible.


We design and supply high quality innovative induction heating systems for any production environment, in any industry.


Every industry has its specific circumstances. And each construction component is unique. That calls for tailor-made solutions.

Riter Induction Special Projects is the specialist in industrial induction heating.

About us

We design and supply high quality innovative induction heating systems. The damage free solution for pre-heating, assembly and disassembly of construction parts. Rapid, controlled precision heating. Flame-free.

Save valuable production time

Increase your productivity by heating ferrous metals at lightning speed and from the inside out. Unlike open fire, such as a gas burner, which takes longer to heat an object, induction heating has no start-up time. Within a few tens of seconds, local heating up to 300 degrees Celsius is possible.

And thanks to significantly shorter cooling down times, you can quickly get back to work.

Reduce your production costs

By very targeted, local, and precise heating only the parts you actually want to heat expand. Additional damage is prevented because other construction parts remain untouched.

Thanks to damage-free assembly and disassembly, optimum quality is guaranteed.

You can reuse your construction parts more easily.

Optimize your top quality

Induction is -as the only heating method- fully controllable. Reproducible to every degree exactly, and to every second.

Due to a complete grip on the heating process -immers every process is the same- there are no metallurgical changes in your construction parts.

You will guarantee your customers a more consistent top quality, optimise your production process, and pass every quality check with flying colours.

Reduce your energy consumption

Induction heating converts more than 95 percent of the generated energy into heat. An unprecedented energy efficiency compared to other heating techniques, such as with hot air furnaces or gas burners. This means that it takes much longer for an object to reach the right temperature. Or that also heats parts that you don't really want to have heated.

The generated energy is thus optimally brought into the work object. Hardly any energy is lost due to localised and targeted heat. Good for the wallet. And with an eye for the future and the environment.


Heat your industrial metal objects faster, more precise, more focused, 100% controlled and controllable, more consistent, more constant.


Safer to use: no open fire, no noise, no combustion of flammable substances.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly: no greenhouse gas emissions, low connection value, small ecological footprint.

  • Low frequency 50Hz Induction 15% 15%
  • Medium Frequency Induction 80% 80%
  • Medium/High Frequency Induction 5% 5%