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Planetary Carriers

Planetary Carriers

Because of the vast range of differing types, planetary carriers pose a real challenge for induction heating. In addition, two drill holes have to be heated simultaneously.

Nonetheless, induction heating produces substantial time savings with respect to heating up and cooling down times and no distortions occur in the hollow shaft.

heating ovens → 4-6 hours.
induction heating < 1 hour.
300 seconds per drill hole. → 600 seconds

Fixed induction coils for the simultaneous heating of 2 drill holes

RiTeR Induction came up with a specially designed induction coil for this application, which was carried out in cooperation with leading gearbox manufacturers.
These induction coils are individually designed, constructed and manufactured for each individual planetary carrier model.

The planetary carrier flange is preheated with a flexible induction coil, then the drill holes are heated using a fixed induction coil for mounting the shafts.

The shaft is put into the planetary carrier once the correct temperature has been reached.

Induction heating of the gearbox housing for installation using a flexible induction tube.

Our Services

RiTeR induction provides a wide range of services for their customers by dealing with everything that involves questions concerning the application of heat:

One-off installation

For one-off installation or building prototypes, RiTeR Induction will build an optimal and well-balanced induction system for you, after which you will be able to carry out the desired activities in cooperation with one of our experts.

Machine / System rental

RiTeR induction offers induction system rental service for both short and long periods. The systems are supplied complete with training so that you can proceed to work independently with the machine thereafter. Please contact our service department for further information.

Service & Maintenance

In order to ensure full functionality of our systems at all times, we can offer you an maintenance and service contract after the 24 month guarantee period has expired.
We will send the conditions on request.