Specialist in Industrial Induction Heating

Induction Coils

RiTeR Induction offers the following types of induction coil solutions that can be made to suit every type of application:

Induction bench/table

The induction bench is fitted with a flat induction coil.

This model is very suitable for heating starter motor ring gears, gearwheels, small bearings, steel plates, rings, etc. The heat goes from below to above.

Flexible induction coil/tube

The flexible induction coil and tube is mainly used where access is difficult, and/or where the installation time is not important.

The flexible induction coil is often used with prototypes, and is very suitable for preheating when welding. Pipeline construction!

The flexible coil also allows a whole range of components to be heated up.

Induction coil with internal work piece

With this induction coil the work piece goes inside and is therefore very effective.

The heat goes from the outside to the inside with this model.

Sizes vary from 30 mm up to 4 meters if required.

Induction coil  inside the work piece

This induction coil goes inside the work piece, mainly into drill holes that have to be heated.

The heat goes from the inside to the outside with this model.

Many different sizes can be ordered.

Our Services

RiTeR induction provides a wide range of services for their customers by dealing with everything that involves questions concerning the application of heat:

One-off installation

For one-off installation or building prototypes, RiTeR Induction will build an optimal and well-balanced induction system for you, after which you will be able to carry out the desired activities in cooperation with one of our experts.

Machine / System rental

RiTeR induction offers induction system rental service for both short and long periods. The systems are supplied complete with training so that you can proceed to work independently with the machine thereafter. Please contact our service department for further information.

Service & Maintenance

In order to ensure full functionality of our systems at all times, we can offer you an maintenance and service contract after the 24 month guarantee period has expired.
We will send the conditions on request.