Automotive Industry

Entire production processes in automobile manufacturing demand short ‘takt’ times, which can only be achieved by using the latest techniques and technologies.

Our Innovative Induction Systems can heat up virtually any kind of complex project or component. The drying times for resins used in hybrid engines is also shortened and the quality improved.

Waiting times and drying ovens are no longer needed, thereby saving a lot of time and money.

Cams and gearwheels are fitted quickly and efficiently.

Starter motor ring gears for automobiles can be fitted in 20 seconds!

Applying resins, vulcanising and gluing and much more besides, can be carried out significantly more efficiently.

Preheating cylinder sleeves for a better fit with aluminium cylinder blocks. This speeds up the production process.

Induction heating table with contact-free temperature measurement for components.

Cam shaft gears and a rotor being fitted on this induction heating bench.

Induction heating of a hybrid engine.

The stator is preheated, the windings are applied with resin and joined at a specific temperature to allow the resin to harden.